Our Brands

Our Brands

We have 21 market-leading brands in 34 countries, led by our flagship magazine, Reader’s Digest. Many of our global brands are circulation leaders in their market categories and represent a valuable portfolio of content in popular genres such as food, entertaining, health, wellness, home improvement and gardening. We have a celebrated history of expertise in content curation/creation, and successfully build relationships with our customers by addressing lifestyle needs across multiple communities. We operate our brands in two divisions: North America and International.

Reader’s Digest North America

Reader’s Digest North America comprises operations in the United States and Canada with a focus on our three thriving Master Brands and five popular Enthusiast Brands, each with an engaged and loyal following. In 2011 we introduced our Master Brand strategy across multiple media platforms to provide our customers with expertly curated content in simple, actionable and time-saving formats.

Reader’s Digest International

Managed locally by region with guidance from a centralized leadership team, Reader’s Digest International is comprised of two segments: Europe and Asia Pacific & Latin America. Our International operations leverage our legendary marketing, database and content curation/creation skills, along with an impressive global reach, to build ongoing relationships with customers by offering Reader’s Digest-branded magazines, books, videos and music; specialty publications; and third-party products and services that align with their interests.

Master Brands

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Reader's Digest
Reader's Digest Large Print
Reader's Digest Select Editions
The Family Handyman
Taste of Home
Taste of Home Simple & Delicious

Quick Facts

Reader's Digest was a Top 10 iPad magazine app in 2011.

The Family Handyman has more than 1,100 Field Editors who provide user-generated content.

More than 300,000 consumers attend Taste of Home Cooking events every year.

Enthusiast Brands

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Birds & Blooms
Country Woman
Farm & Ranch Living

Quick Facts

Our Enthusiast Brands are read by more than 20 million people each year.

Birds & Blooms is the highest paid circulation magazine for bird lovers in the United States.


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Reader's Digest/Selection
Best Health
Our Canada/More of Our Canada
Plaisirs Sante

Quick Facts

We operate the #1 general interest magazine (Reader's Digest) and the #1 women's health magazine in Canada (Best Health).

Reader's Digest continues to be the #1 audience magazine in Canada--36% higher 12+ audience reach than the next publication (Canadian Living).

Best Health debuted with a total readership of 897,000 readers 12+ and 9 readers per copy (RPC). Compared to some publications in our competitive set, BH has a higher total readership than LouLou magazine (751K), Glow (710K) and a similar RPC to Flare magazine (9.1). ** This is the first time Best Health has been recognized on the list.


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Reader's Digest
Daheim in Deutschland
Das Beste
Meidan Suomi
Mes Meilleures Recettes
Polska Wita

Quick Facts

We operate the #1 Do-it-Yourself magazine in the Czech Republic (Receptar) and the #1 leisure magazine in Finland (Meidan Suomi).

Asia Pacific & Latin America

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Reader's Digest
Best You

Quick Facts

Reader's Digest products are sold in all of Asia's largest nations, including China, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.